How to log in to different sites


This uses your normal school network username and password

Can't log in: see IT Support


Username: firstnamesurnameyearstarted
Password for students: cherwell

Current Year 7 students - JoeBloggs15
Current Year 8 students - JoeBloggs14
Current Year 9 students - JoeBloggs13
Current Year 10 students - JoeBloggs12
Current Year 11 students - JoeBloggs11
Current Year 12 students - JoeBloggs10

Doddle Student Guide

Googe Docs/Apps

Your username should be the same as your network username. (There may be slight differences for people with double-barrelled surnames) You will have been emailed your password to your main school email address.

Login at any Google page using username:

Login at Cherwell Google login page using just the username part before the @ When logging into school Chromebooks you need to use

No account/password reset: see IT Support

MyMaths Usernames and passwords are handled by the maths department

Renaissance Place Home Connect

This website is used with year 7 and 8 students. Login details were sent home by letter. For further details, please contact Mrs White, Librarian.